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Monday, 1 February 2010

Annuary of Chinese Medicine by Mihai Fasola - 2007


The Yearly Book of Taoism and Traditional Extreme Oriental Medicine – M.T.E.O. is a publication based on the traditional Chinese medicine and energetic philosophy, dedicated to the medium and advanced practitioners and also M.T.E.O. specialists, especially in acupuncture.
Being a free share on the internet, this is meant to be an interactive publication, the studies and the opinions of those who wish to present their own conceptions concerning the traditional Chinese medicine or Taoist philosophy, Taiji principle, spiritual methods or traditional phytotherapy practices, scientific studies regarding acupuncture theories which show many of the unproved or unclear principles of acupuncture, own conceptions, will be presented together with the title and the name of the study’s author or, in case, his references.

Author: Mihai Fasola
Language: romanian
Nr. pages:30
Format: PDF
Type: Free publication to use and distribute, but mantaining original.

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